Yesterday’s Tulips

I almost never shoot with black & white conversion in mind, and, indeed, I’ve probably converted only a dozen or so photos into black & whites. Still, I’m a sucker for these silvery conversions, and find it really interesting that something as colorful as pink tulips could look even better in black & white. The contrast B&W offers just brings the sheen out in the petals in a way you don’t see it in color, and there’s a certain magic to that.

I shot this while messing around with the new lens I got for my camera, trying to figure out how flexible this Sony 18-105 f4 lens would be, and to be honest, it’s exceeded my expectations. The SELP18105G is $550 new, and it’s as sharp and contrasty as Canon’s excellent 24-105L, which was my favorite all-in-one lens in years past. Its solitary weakness is it’s pretty poor at controlling barrel distortion at the wide end, but the lens profile in Lightroom (or in-camera if you’re shooting jpegs) automatically fixes that, perfectly.

In any case, I’m sold, both on this lens and the Sony mirrorless system. The IQ is very good, the AF performance for sports is incredible, and the package is affordable and easy to take with you. Shooting the A6000 and my Nikon D800 side-by-side, the D800 feels so…old. Massive and old-fashioned and clunky, believe it or not. It’s Yesterday’s Camera, you might say. Yes, the D800 has higher IQ, and better dynamic range, but for me, the A6000 is good enough in both those categories, and so much better in other categories, it’s time to switch. I’ve sold my Nikon D800, and am in the process of selling my Nikon lenses.

The Gear

This was taken with with an Sony A6000 I bought used for $370, and the shockingly good (and affordable) Sony 18-105 f4 G OSS, which is really the only lens you would need (if you had to choose just one).

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