Wild Boys

I’ve done the unthinkable, and left Canon for Nikon. I’d waited for Photokina 2014 to see what Canon would bring, but all there were no new full-frames to be found, so I jumped to a used Nikon D800 for $1000 less than I’d sold my Canon 5D MKIII for a few months ago. I’d picked up a Canon 1Ds MarkII as an interim body, which is still an awesome camera for both sports and portraits, but ultimately I wanted that low-light ability back (or better!) that the new bodies have. Sony’s dominating the DSLR sensor market these days, and I seriously considered the A7R or A7S, but the limited Sony lens catalog, and the super-premium cost of their lenses (and lack of a used market for lenses) pushed me to Nikon. I also prefer Nikon because they’re basically a camera company, whereas Sony does so many things, and they have a history of making 1,000 products then axing 950 of them a year later, and that’s not an ecosystem I wanted to put this kind of money into.

So, here I am on a Nikon and loving it. There’s so much to re-learn – everything seems backwards – but you can’t argue with the images that come out of it. Besides, change is fun 🙂

This was taken 11-08-2014 with an Nikon D800 and the awesome Rokinon FE14M-C 14mm f2.8 lens, which I can’t recommend highly enough for only $300!

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