There’s the usual way we see matter change states – solid becomes liquid, liquid becomes gas, and, if you’re having a really bad day, gas steps up to plasma. Fortunately, that didn’t happen this day. Sublimation is a rarer occurrence, when matter skips a step, and jumps from a solid to a gas, for instance.

I like this image and named it for

the wave crashing into the rock, for the magic in the capture of my son suspended just above the froth of the water, and the refracted reflection of him in the sand stretching towards the viewer, almost like a red-shift. Water expanding to vapor, light expanding into spectrum, and the boy, changing, as always, his pose suggesting some unseen force suspends him, beyond his control. All of it frozen in time, an immutable and unique instant that will never be duplicated.

Taken with with an Nikon D800 and the very affordable, very old-school Nikon 35-70 f2.8D lens, bought used for about $300.


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