Cayman on A Bridge at Yoseisei-en Garden, Kyoto, Japan

Cayman on a bridge at Yoseisei-en Garden (渉成園), Kyoto, Japan.

This beautiful garden is located not far from the Kyoto Tower, and just recently re-opened after major renovations that saw the waters drained, resulting in the remarkable ability to see the cracked earth at the bottom of the pond, at least for now. Yosseisei-en is a smaller garden, just a few acres, but packed with interesting historic buildings and beautiful water and land features, including lush cherry blossoms and maples. It’s open 7 days week, 9-5pm, and requests a 500yen contribution for adults, 250yen for children.

This photo was taken with with the amazing Sony A6300, and the shockingly good (and affordable) Sony 18-105 f4 G OSS, which is really the only lens you would need (if you had to choose just one).

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