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The great mural by Siqueiros as it stands today, almost 75 years after it was painted over in 1938. HDRing the photo brings a lot of detail out which is not visible to the naked eye when viewing the mural.

You can view the mural on Olvera Street. Admission is free, and it’s open from 10-3pm Wednesday through Sunday. The entrance is right beside the Las Golondrinas restaurant


  • Mike Morris

    What’s missing from this picture? Until now, it was the picture. The public has not laid eyes on this fresco since it was unveiled exactly 80 years ago — and thereafter soon whitewashed — that politically angry and anguished mural that David Alfaro Siqueiros, one of Mexico’s “big three” muralists, painted in Olvera Street in 1932. It — or rather, the salvageable ghost of it — opens again for public viewing now, after a nearly $10-million restoration project. Over the years it has been a kind of Fata Morgana of public art in the city that has both become the mural capital of the world and surely also the mural-destruction capital, losing through political indifference and laxity some of its more recent open-air mural masterpieces.

    • john

      Thanks for your comment. It is great to see it restored, it’s just a shame it’s lost so much of the contrast it had when new, but that would likely be true whitewash or not.

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